AV Lab: If you highly value your privacy, choose Emsisoft!

  • July 2, 2015
  • 1 min read

The newest version of Emsisoft Internet Security, version 10, has only been around for a bit but the first great review is already here!
“Emsisoft performed exceedingly well in phishing tests, blocking 17 of the 20 phishing sites the author threw at it. This is exceptionally impressive as none of the sites were older than 24 hours.”, AVlab concludes. The journalists noted that this was one of the best results they had seen: “It is one of the best results, and shows how truly immense the number of malicious sites that Emsisoft products can block is.”


AV Lab confirms that the new product is very light and doesn’t slowdown your system: “In conclusion, I can say that performance of Emsisoft Internet Security 10 belongs in the category of the lightest, most efficient security applications on the market. Running on a virtual machine, the program experienced no stability problems and the protection and verification system works briskly, efficiently and does not slowdown the system.”
The review also points out that Emsisoft Internet Security is not only the best choice for standard HDD users but SSD as well.
„[…] So regardless of whether you are still using a traditional hard disk drive (HDD) or a solid-state drive (SSD), Emsisoft Internet Security 10 will be a very good choice […].”
The full review, in Polish, is available at the official AVLAB.PL website.



Emsisoft founder and managing director. In 1998 when I was 16, a so called 'friend' sent me a file via ICQ that unexpectedly opened my CD-ROM drive, which gave me a big scare. It marked the start of my journey to fight trojans and other malware. My story

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