Emsisoft scores high on AV-Comparatives Performance Test

  • May 30, 2016
  • 1 min read


On Friday, April 27th 2016 AV-Comparatives released the latest Performance Test: Impact of Security Software on System Performance. It comes with great excitement from our entire team that Emsisoft scored 99.7 PCMark 8 Points – which is second place. No security software scored the full 100 points and major brands and other industry big players were left trailing with a significant gap between theirs and Emsisoft’s products. It’s not about size guys, it’s about performance!

We proudly present the AV-Comparatives Award – Three Star Rated

AV Comparatives Advanced Plus

Activities / facts included

It is important to point out that this test included Antilvirus and Internet-Security products – both referred to as security products in the test. The Performance Test used SSDs on the test machines as many computers are equipped with SSDs nowadays. The awarding levels have been adjusted to reflect this change. Activities and tests were performed under an up-to-date Windows 7 Pro SP1 64-Bit system.




Emsisoft founder and managing director. In 1998 when I was 16, a so called 'friend' sent me a file via ICQ that unexpectedly opened my CD-ROM drive, which gave me a big scare. It marked the start of my journey to fight trojans and other malware. My story

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