Emsisoft Awarded VB100 certification in April 2019 tests

Emsisoft Awarded VB100 certification in April 2019 tests

Independent certification body Virus Bulletin recently released the results of their latest rounds of VB100 tests. Once again, we’re happy to announce that Emsisoft Anti-Malware aced the tests and walked away with a perfect score!  

What is the VB100? 

The VB100 is a certification test designed to evaluate the detection capabilities of antivirus software.  

To perform the tests, each antivirus product is installed on a physical computer or virtual machine with specifications you would expect to find on a business PC. The products are installed with default configurations on a clean, dedicated instance of Windows. Each test is performed on two different systems, one running Windows 7, the other running Windows 10.  

The security products are then exposed to a range of malicious samples taken from various malware sets, including: 

The products also scanned a subset of 100,000 files taken from the clean sample set, which is a collection of 400,000 non-malicious files.

To achieve VB100 certification, a security product had to be able to meet the following criteria:

How did we do? 

We’re delighted to report that Emsisoft Anti-Malware achieved a perfect score in every category. Our flagship software identified 100 percent of the 2000+ malware samples used in the tests while generating zero false positives along the way, earning it VB100 certification. 

We’re pleased to see Emsisoft Anti-Malware excelling in test conditions, and we’ll continue working hard to provide the best malware protection on the planet! 

About Virus Bulletin

Virus Bulletin a security information portal, testing and certification body based in the UK. VB100 certification tests are designed to assess the detection capabilities of endpoint security solutions. A product that has been awarded VB100 certification can generally be trusted to provide a certain level of protection against malware.

Click here to see the full report, or click here to have a look at some of the other awards we’ve won in the past.

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