Naked Videos of Your Facebook Friends – Translation: MALWARE

  • March 11, 2014
  • 2 min read

A new Facebook malware scam uses one of the oldest advertising tricks in the book to infect user’s computers: Sex appeal.  According to initial reports, a series of provocative ads are circulating the social network and spreading malware.  The ads reel users in with promises like “See [Your Friend]’s Naked Video” and “[Your Friend]’s Private Video”, accompanied by actual profile pics.

How It Works

    1. You log onto Facebook, and an ad pops up.  It says something like “See [Your Friend]’s Naked Video” or “[Your Friend]’s Private Video.”  Ads also feature real profile pics from actual friends.
    2. Users who click on the ad are led to a fake Youtube webpage.  The page contains a warning about Adult Content and asks for age verification.  Meanwhile, an automatic, drive-by malware download begins.
    3. The downloaded malware is a malicious browser extension.  Once installed, it proceeds to hijack your Facebook account, accessing photographs and automatically creating a new “See [Your Friend]’s Naked Video” ad with your name and face.
    4. After verifying your age, the supposed video initiates – only to display a broken Adobe Flash notification.  Once again, this notification is a fraud.  Users who click UPDATE will initiate a second malware download, which can infect the computer with various types of spyware.

Preventing Infection: Cover Up with Emsisoft

Emsisoft Anti-Malware prevents both strains of malware involved in this scam as Trojan.FakeFlash.A.  Reports have also indicated that up to date versions of Firefox and Google Chrome will prevent infection of the malware involved in Step 3 above, but not Step 4.

Reports have also indicated that the Naked Friend Facebook Scam has already affected 2 million users.  No doubt part of this propagation has something to do with the scam’s worm-like component (Step 3), but social engineering also plays its part.  Internet scams tend to work best when they tempt the user to do something they know they shouldn’t, and naked is just one of those words that makes us click. 

More coverage on this emerging threat is sure to follow as soon as more technical details are revealed.  In the meantime, Have a Great (Malware-Free) Day!





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