AV Lab: “If you need solid protection…Emsisoft Internet Security is for you.”

  • September 15, 2014
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Reviews of the new Emsisoft Internet Security are coming in quick, but AV Lab has perhaps said it best:

If you need solid protection with advanced and effective technologies to detect the entire spectrum of threats – Emsisoft Internet Security 9 is for you.

Other highlights from testing:

Emsisoft Internet Security 9 is in some ways a breakthrough for the manufacturer and user…

Emsisoft is based on more than 7 million signatures from both engines…the synergistic combination provides a very high level of malware detection

Overall effectiveness of the program is 100%.

Long story short: Emsisoft Internet Security achieved 40 out of 40 malware detections on samples no more than 48 hours old. Two years in the making, the lean, efficient and powerful protection suite you need is finally here.

Full Polish language report available at AVLab.pl.



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