Banking Alert: JPMorgan Chase Hack Affects Over 76 Million Accounts

360px-J_P_Morgan_Chase_Logo_2008_1.svgThursday evening, JPMorgan Chase confirmed a system compromise by hackers that affects approximately 76 million households and 7 million small businesses. According to the official statement, both customer contact information and “internal JPMorgan Chase information” relating to users has been compromised.

There is currently no evidence that suggests account information, such as account numbers, passwords, user IDs, dates of birth, or social security numbers, was compromised. The bank also states that they have not found any instances of customer fraud related to the hack.

The extent of this intrusion makes it one of the largest financial data breaches in U.S. history, and the confirmed count of affected customers dwarfs the company’s original estimate of roughly 1 million when the hack was first discovered in July 2014. Speculation as to who carried out the attack currently points to hackers from Southern Europe, with possible ties to the Russian government.

For the full report, see The New York Times. For additional precaution, Emsisoft recommends that any JPMorgan Chase customer reading this alert change their password as soon as possible.

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