Alerts & Outbreaks, Security Knowledge [Oct, 5, 2015]

Why every Android user should take the Stagefright leak very seriously

It only takes one text to put hundreds of millions of phones at risk. Learn about the Stagefright bug and how it puts your digital life on the line.

Alerts & Outbreaks [Mar, 26, 2015]

Installer hijack vulnerability threatens almost half of all Android devices

Almost 50% of all Android devices are vulnerable to an Installer hijack. This may lead to unauthorized installation of adware or malware.

Alerts & Outbreaks [Mar, 19, 2015]

SMS Trojan Podec bypasses CAPTCHA on Android phones

A new version of SMS Trojan Podec emerged that can bypass CAPTCHA protection, turn devices into bots and subscribe to various paid packages without user authorization.