Emsisoft Lab [Aug, 9, 2010]

antivirus2010, userinit and then some more

There is a new rogue variant making rounds going by the name Antivirus2010. The malware copies itself to the System32 directory with a name similar to commonly used Windows file present in same directory. If looked through naked eye, there seems to exist two userinit.exe though one has a unique icon and the other doesn’t. […]

Emsisoft Lab [Dec, 2, 2009]

Oh the virtual world!

Rogue Antiviruses have come a long way from their simple User Interfaces and scare threats. Alpha Antivirus is a rogue application that comes with something more, which is how to make life of a virus analyst difficult.  The product comes with Virtual Machine protection which simply means that this malware cannot run on virtual environments […]