Emsisoft Lab [Jun, 16, 2012]

“Thanks for joining Classmates”, and others…

Following the recent malware scams using various popular brands, like Craigslist, Vodafone, Apple, Verizon, and LinkedIn – some new phishing emails are popping up yet again this week, purporting to be from Amazon, PayPal, Twitter, Habbo Hotel and Classmates.com – a social networking site. As you can see below, the emails look very professional and […]

Alerts & Outbreaks, Emsisoft Lab [Jun, 24, 2011]

Warning: New malware wants to steal your passwords

Social websites like Facebook or Twitter tend to be the number one channel to distribute new malware in 2011. This time a new bot targets Twitter users and spreads via the microblogging service.  Emsisoft Anti-Malware detects this malware as Worm.Win32.Ngrbot. Read this article to learn more about this new outbreak and how to protect against […]

Alerts & Outbreaks, Emsisoft Lab [Jun, 17, 2010]

Facebook, Twitter and more spams

There seems to be no end for the circulation of twitter spams, and now the malware authors have started trying various strategies to bring similar consequences. We blogged last week about the increasing twitter spam, and installation of rogue security softwares alongwith other malwares. Ofcourse the malware authors did not stop trying , and we […]

Alerts & Outbreaks, Emsisoft Lab [Jun, 11, 2010]

Twitter spam and some details

We wanted to add on some details on what we found after our research in regards to the Twitter spam emails. The original Trojan dropper sample named, Twitter_security_model_setup.exe is approximately 416768 bytes, having an icon similar to Windows Update notification On further analysis we found out the sample to be a variant of TDSS rootkit, […]

Alerts & Outbreaks, Emsisoft Lab [Jun, 8, 2010]

You’ve got Twit…err Problems!

There is a new spam going around dropping malicious binaries and variants of rogue security softwares. We got this specific email few hours ago There have been few alterations of the same email, ( More can be seen here ), and if looked closely all hyperlinked texts point to a non-twitter related url. We went […]

Emsisoft Lab, Security Knowledge [May, 13, 2010]

Facebook, Twitter..and some concerns

The new age is different, its fast and small, but most importantly privacy and identity have never been in such a delicate situation before. Social Networking has always been “cool” and with the advent of Web 2, we saw the craze of social networking go haywire. Big companies started their initiatives, but few actually took […]